USFWS and KCCEM are providing scholarships for selected candidates to attend the 2-year wildlife management diploma level course in Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM) Rwanda. The current two year cooperative agreement between USFWS and KCCEM enables aspiring staff from key protected areas in the Albertine Rift to development capacity on wildlife conservation and protected area management.

Identifying candidates for the 2017-2019 academic school year at KCCEM, we are prioritizing applicants who currently have affiliation with USFWS-supported conservation projects, especially in priority landscapes.

KCCEM-USFWS Scholarship background information:

KCCEM-USFWS Scholarship program will have four available in FY2017

  • This is a competitive program
  • The scholarships are for candidates from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.
  • The language of instruction at KCCEM is English.
  • Applicants must have at least 2 years of conservation experience and be under 40 years of age.
  • The two years program begins on 11 September 2017 and runs to June 2019

 Please let us know if you would like to nominate someone for the scholarship.

For application download the application form:    KCCEM-USFWS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

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